How I started the year :)

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YO: Back home

I came back yesterday from my aunts wedding. It was just the legal stuff. Even though I only stayed a day it was awful! No toilet inside -_-. Nuff said! At least I pooped at a restaurant :D.

I won’t tell more because I respect their privacy but it’s not in Brasov.

I went out with Rares to get some ice cream and then watched Andreea Balan at the Lidl concert. I can’t stand her because she’s trying too hard. We then took a walk under Tampa and then went home.

I can’t wear this white-see through shirt with a tank top under because it’s too hot so I chose a pink bra to make the outfit fun :).

didn't expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets :)

didn’t expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets 🙂

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YO: Love is hard

Check out the makeup here.

I found in Carrefour Pom-bar! I remember how much I liked the commercials when I was a kid but the taste isn’t worth the price.

I love this H&M tank top but it’s too loose and can’t wear it because my bra show up on the sides and my bf doesn’t like having so much tit coming out :P. So I paired it with another H&M item: a bra with a lacey fabric on top. I bought it for this kind of situation :P.

Also wore my moms mini backpack. Love the washed out look.

YO-Love is hard-004

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