YO: Comfy night

I went to tweeze one of my friends eyebrows. She loved how they look :).  After that we went to look around at some clothes and then bought some things to eat in a park.

I wanted to take photos when the water was still going but it stopped too soon -_-.

For years I told my mom this sweater is ugly and it sucks but now I love it :D. Want to buy some more for this winter so you don’t have to see this all the time. Took my Guess bag so it won’t look like I just rolled out of bed.

comfy night-007

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YO: Blank

Nothing too interesting and neither something to write a lot about. We wanted to watch a handball or volleyball game but we found out it wasn’t free so instead went to look at clothes and drank a beer.

I left the scarf on because the cleavage was just a lil bit too much for the cold weather.


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YO:Hurting feet

Check out the makeup here.

I drank yesterday a rose lemonade. It was awesome! We went to Taj Mahal, a restaurant where one of his friends is working. We wanted to check it out for a while but in the end it didn’t impressed me. The food was too expensive for my taste :P.

At least they had those two awesome kitties. We spent some time with them but they we’re trying to eat us -_-.

This outfit is something I would run from with the speed of light. I’m not comfortable in a skirt because they always going to high and I need to pull them, I hate this kind of bags because I feel like a bimbo wearing it and my feet hurts from flat shoes. But I did it!


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