Late Easter


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YO: Yellow&Floral

Yesterday I decided to wear a skirt. Yup. It was hard but I did it.

I also did my first session of SPL! I have 6 sessions for my armpits and 6 for my pubic hair. It was pretty cool. Now I want to do my legs but it’s too expensive right now.

I went with Alina to eat some pasta but before that I had to go to my dad. He asked for my camera again -_-. I hate this thing! Because of that I had to ask Alina to get her big-ass fancy camera. I don’t like the pics because we didn’t know how to set it up. I felt bad for making her carry it for nothing :(.


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YO:Trying smth new

I decided to start wearing from now on things I don’t usually like. This time I took this pair of high waisted pants, floral shirt and a jacket I found in the back of my closet. Three items I would have avoided in the past. I actually liked the result :D. Good job, me!

Trying smth new-001

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