YO: Back home

I came back yesterday from my aunts wedding. It was just the legal stuff. Even though I only stayed a day it was awful! No toilet inside -_-. Nuff said! At least I pooped at a restaurant :D.

I won’t tell more because I respect their privacy but it’s not in Brasov.

I went out with Rares to get some ice cream and then watched Andreea Balan at the Lidl concert. I can’t stand her because she’s trying too hard. We then took a walk under Tampa and then went home.

I can’t wear this white-see through shirt with a tank top under because it’s too hot so I chose a pink bra to make the outfit fun :).

didn't expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets :)

didn’t expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets 🙂

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YO:Hurting feet

Check out the makeup here.

I drank yesterday a rose lemonade. It was awesome! We went to Taj Mahal, a restaurant where one of his friends is working. We wanted to check it out for a while but in the end it didn’t impressed me. The food was too expensive for my taste :P.

At least they had those two awesome kitties. We spent some time with them but they we’re trying to eat us -_-.

This outfit is something I would run from with the speed of light. I’m not comfortable in a skirt because they always going to high and I need to pull them, I hate this kind of bags because I feel like a bimbo wearing it and my feet hurts from flat shoes. But I did it!


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YO: Went to Cluj!

I went with Rares to Cluj to take his friend from Sweden. He is romanian but working there.

I love spending time in the car but it was exhausting for Rares to drive so much. Can’t wait to get my driving license ^^. We left Brasov at 6 PM and got back at 5 AM -_-.

I didn’t liked Cluj. Sorry :D. By 11 PM almost everything was closed -_-.

went to cluj-001

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YO: Sunday trip

Check out the makeup here!

We we’re supposed to go to Ocna Sibiului (no idea how to translate that, sorry) with some of his friends but he started puking in the morning and told them to go without us. We’ll go another time :).

He said to go eat at KFC because we wanted for a while but I’m not that impressed by their sandwiches. I need to stop trying to like them. It was the last time! Don’t get me wrong, they are yummi(acceptable comparing to the McD) but I get places with no meat 😐 just the not yummy bread and sauce -_-. They also have big pickles. I like the thinned cut!

After that we went to a Brewers festival but I don’t have photos since it was pretty lame. I only saw old people with (beer) bellies -_-.

But then he said to go to Poiana Brasov since I wanted so much but we couldn’t find time :D. We then walked around, took some photos and made some wishes to a fountain. My only wish from a while is to be everything well :P.

Later he came with the idea to go to the Rasnov Days. It sucked :D. There was this girl trying to sing but since she didn’t know how to use the mic properly it was too loud. The public was pleased. Maybe they don’t have high expectations. Oh, well.

When we came back to Brasov we ate a shaorma and I gave him the parts from my chocolate that weren’t too melted. I now made something awful -_- I put choco in the fridge. I hate myself for it.

sunday trip-008

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