RANT: Problema cainilor vagabonzi

Am tot vazut la televizor stiri despre baietelul ucis de caini. Pentru ca sunt o iubitoare de animale m-am gandit sa-mi spun si eu parerea. Nu vreau sa jignesc pe nimeni asa ca daca nu puteti accepta pareri diferite va invit sa iesiti de pe blog sau sa imi admirati posturile cu machiaj :).

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YO: Still want my summer

Check out the makeup here.

We went to the tennis final. I took photos with the last two awesome players but I’ll post the photos later this week. I have quite a lot so I need to select a couple of them and edit them.

It was also an event in Piata Sfatului organized by some guys who are fish related, Doripesco. Try to find info about them if you want because I couldn’t find anything. Rares wanted to try mici aka mititei made of fish (they are usually made of mixture of beef, lamb and pork and several spices, check out on wikipedia) but we couldn’t find. So instead we ate a shaorma :).

I saw lots of girls with shorts and over the knee boots so I gave it a try and I liked it. I first wanted to wear a tank top but felt that I’m showing too much skin so I chose something less revealing, a simple dress shirt with stars :). This pair of shorts was what I used to wear in school but last summer I ripped them between the legs so I cut them like this. I love how nice they make my ass :D.


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YO: BRD Brasov Challenger

Pic heavy!

Went to a tennis game: BRD Brasov Challenger. We only watched Patrick Ciorcila-Adrian Ungur. Patrick won against a man who is much better than him even if Patrick is not even 17! Mind blown! You can check out more info about it on google because I don’t like talking about what I don’t know :D.

It was interesting but kinda boring. At least I took some amazing photos :D.

Talking of photos.. I hate the lighting on my face. I didn’t check out while Rares took them so when I saw how they look like it was too late because my battery was gone. We could make another photo after some hours while I was wearing his sweatshirt.

My Cappuccini jacket was stained on a sleeve by ice cream so I didn’t wear it for too long and also my blouse was too large on the cleavage and it showed my bra -_-. Both my blouse and pants are from one of my cousins.

Patrick is in red shirt and Adrian in white.

BRD Brasov Challenger-015

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YO: Pause from the summer+green makeup

It was pizza day for us. We finally went where I like it the most ^^ and then went for a walk and ate ice cream. We couldn’t eat a cake like we first wanted so we had to find place in our tummies for smth smaller.

It got cold the last few days so I went back to my cappuccini jacket and blue scarf.

I have no idea if this shirt is fake but I don’t care. I like it even though it gets stained when I sweat -_-. I’ll wear it in cold days like this time. Another bad thing about this shirt is that it’s too fitted on my belly so I need to suck it in all the time. eh only until I lose some weight :P.

I don’t want to wear these jeans (or this?..) when I’m going out because they look too casual, smth I’d wear when hanging out in the neighborhood. But I shoved my feets in some small heels and made myself feel better.

I look so old and tired. I think I really need some healthy sleep. How ironic. Talking about sleep at almost 5 AM -_-

Even though our relationship showed some signs of raining and then even went through a tornade, I saw the rainbow today :). Don’t want to say too much but maybe if we’ll last I’m gonna say some backstage secrets.

pause from the summer

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