Feeling boring..

Last few days we’re pretty full, I’m gonna write about everything in winter, after I start school and see how it goes with my job.

This outfit is from a few months ago so no details 🙂


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YO: BRD Brasov Challenger

Pic heavy!

Went to a tennis game: BRD Brasov Challenger. We only watched Patrick Ciorcila-Adrian Ungur. Patrick won against a man who is much better than him even if Patrick is not even 17! Mind blown! You can check out more info about it on google because I don’t like talking about what I don’t know :D.

It was interesting but kinda boring. At least I took some amazing photos :D.

Talking of photos.. I hate the lighting on my face. I didn’t check out while Rares took them so when I saw how they look like it was too late because my battery was gone. We could make another photo after some hours while I was wearing his sweatshirt.

My Cappuccini jacket was stained on a sleeve by ice cream so I didn’t wear it for too long and also my blouse was too large on the cleavage and it showed my bra -_-. Both my blouse and pants are from one of my cousins.

Patrick is in red shirt and Adrian in white.

BRD Brasov Challenger-015

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YO: Blank

Nothing too interesting and neither something to write a lot about. We wanted to watch a handball or volleyball game but we found out it wasn’t free so instead went to look at clothes and drank a beer.

I left the scarf on because the cleavage was just a lil bit too much for the cold weather.


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YO: Love is hard

Check out the makeup here.

I found in Carrefour Pom-bar! I remember how much I liked the commercials when I was a kid but the taste isn’t worth the price.

I love this H&M tank top but it’s too loose and can’t wear it because my bra show up on the sides and my bf doesn’t like having so much tit coming out :P. So I paired it with another H&M item: a bra with a lacey fabric on top. I bought it for this kind of situation :P.

Also wore my moms mini backpack. Love the washed out look.

YO-Love is hard-004

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