RANT: Naive people

I went out with a friend and while we talked on a long bench an old man sat on her left.

I was telling her that I heard she payed for some things on her bday she didn’t have to because only some of her friends wanted that. Continue reading


RANT: Problema cainilor vagabonzi

Am tot vazut la televizor stiri despre baietelul ucis de caini. Pentru ca sunt o iubitoare de animale m-am gandit sa-mi spun si eu parerea. Nu vreau sa jignesc pe nimeni asa ca daca nu puteti accepta pareri diferite va invit sa iesiti de pe blog sau sa imi admirati posturile cu machiaj :).

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Rant: I hate TOM!

TOM (Time Of the Month) is coming back these hours. Think of having a constant pressure on every single part of your body and when you try to move that pressure turns into pain. That’s what I feel!

I’m a lucky case because neither my discomfort nor my flow is too bad. But I still get to complain.

I can’t understand how some girls enjoy having sex on their period. I can’t stand a tampon in the first day how about something bigger!! Yeah yeah. You can take pills and the pain will go away.

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