Nighty night

*All the opinions are mine and based on my experience or the way my future house I plan to be 🙂 

ParachuteHome asked me to share the changes I do during summer to have a good sleep. I don’t do too many different things but I’ll show you some tips that never failed for me, doesn’t matter what season it is.


I’m used to hear cars, cats or trains, even accidents, and it doesn’t bother me. Most of the time, all the time actually, I fall asleep with my TV on and it shuts down after 4 hours so I don’t have to bother for it running all night. Or day in my case 🙂

However if you get bothered by noises you can always put on some relaxing music. I do it sometimes because it puts me in a good mood before sleep. I’ll get back for it later.


  • Sheets&blankets

I love sleeping with blankets, even in summer, because they are heavier. My apartment doesn’t heat up too much, most of the time it’s pretty cold or a pleasant warm environment so I can use the same type of blanket all year-long.

I’d love to have sateen bedding because it’s not only amazing at touch but also good for your skin. It doesn’t harm your skin and hair so much therefore minimizing hair breakage or wrinkles.

  • Pajamas

If in winter I prefer some big fluffy PJs, summer is the time to take out my sateen ones. I guess you see I have an obsession with soft fabrics, especially sateen! There are times when I use just a normal t-shirt and a pair of shorts but when I get in my real pajamas I feel sleepy and relaxed already; I know it’s time to sleep. Sometimes I get home so tired after work that I don’t bother to change but now after a while I can feel the difference.

However, my boyfriends pajamas also make me feel good. Even though they are long sleeved and pants they are SOOO comfy; and when it gets too hot I just roll up the sleeves or stick one foot out of the blanket and it’s perfect. I guess I love them because it feel like love around me ❤


If I could give you only one advice it would be to tie your hair. It’s good for it because there’s less rubbing but also you don’t have to be afraid that your boyfriend will sit on it. It happened to me before.. I usually braid it and when I wake up there are soft, loose waves so I no longer have to bother to style it too much.


I don’t recommend exercising because after you have too much energy. However if you do some light stretching or yoga before going to bed could help you sleep better. I didn’t try yoga but I heard it’s amazing for you body.

Another thing I tell everyone to do is either to meditate to relax yourself and take a break from the world or to remind yourself what are you thankful for.

If it’s the first time you try to meditate don’t worry. I don’t know what’s the right way to do it but I just sit in my bed and thing of a beautiful place. I think of the road that takes me there and imagine all the little details. When I’m ready to go to sleep I just go back that road again. It’s rather daydreaming but it helps me so thought of sharing :).

Now let’s learn being thankful! Most of the day we are angry. The traffic, the work and all the deadlines, coworkers that suck, school too hard, bad grades shitty colleagues and so on. You get the idea. We are surrounded by negative thoughts. Even on news 90% is bad stuff. I went through this. I was so stressed by work and school and basically forgot to be happy. I only smiled to be polite or laughed because of tiredness.

Lately I started thinking of all the good things I have in my life. My family and friends are healthy, I have a job, a loving boyfriend that does anything to make me happy even when I’m a bitch and a house. I could make a separate blog post full of positive things because this is how I make myself think. Of course there are days when swearing is the only language I speak but I try to find solutions for everything. We have only one life. We should try and be happy. This is what matters the most.

So from now on do whatever it takes to make yourself and all around you happy. This should be our goal everyday. If during the day it’s hard at least take a minute before going to bed or before falling asleep to think about the good things that are happening in your life. It will make you feel awesome and you’ll have a great sleep!

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