IM:Nicole Scherzinger/PCD-Beep

IM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep-001

I loved this song when it first came up and I still do. There is a phone in the music video I wanted so bad just for the mirror thing but in the end I had to live with separate phones and mirrors -_-. My life was/still is awful because of it :P.

I did a softer version because that day I went with my mom to the bank and was afraid of what the result will be like.

Upper lid:Brown eyeshadow

Lower lid:Green eyeshadow

006PCD_Nicole_Scherzinger_083 hqdefault nicole scherzinger in beep

Source: GoogleIM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep IM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep-004 IM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep-003 IM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep-006 IM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep-005 IM-Nicole Scherzinger-PCD-Beep-002

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