RANT: Naive people

I went out with a friend and while we talked on a long bench an old man sat on her left.

I was telling her that I heard she payed for some things on her bday she didn’t have to because only some of her friends wanted that.From what I know they used her for her money so they could go on an ATV and to one of those haunted houses. She kept saying ‘but it was my bday’ -_-. She rented a hostel(don’t know how to call it) for 2 or 3 days and had pizza, more food from a restaurant and a lot of drinks. It was enough. She shouldn’t have paid for more.

Suddenly this old man turned to her and told her smth, then she started looking through her bag. I asked her what she’s doing and she’s just staring at me. dafuq šŸ˜ After that gives him the equivalent for a bus ticket. It’s not much but I can’t understand why. When I asked her she said ‘because I wanted to’. Very mature.

The thing is that he looked normal. He wasn’t a hobo or smth like this. Fuck, he looked even better than my grandpa :|. He had money because he smoked and was clean so she just used her. And on top of that she’s acting like I’m the bad guy. She could’ve give that money to someone who really needs them.

I hate rich people -_-.


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