YO: Still want my summer

Check out the makeup here.

We went to the tennis final. I took photos with the last two awesome players but I’ll post the photos later this week. I have quite a lot so I need to select a couple of them and edit them.

It was also an event in Piata Sfatului organized by some guys who are fish related, Doripesco. Try to find info about them if you want because I couldn’t find anything. Rares wanted to try mici aka mititei made of fish (they are usually made of mixture of beef, lamb and pork and several spices, check out on wikipedia) but we couldn’t find. So instead we ate a shaorma :).

I saw lots of girls with shorts and over the knee boots so I gave it a try and I liked it. I first wanted to wear a tank top but felt that I’m showing too much skin so I chose something less revealing, a simple dress shirt with stars :). This pair of shorts was what I used to wear in school but last summer I ripped them between the legs so I cut them like this. I love how nice they make my ass :D.


YO-Still want my summer-001 YO-Still want my summer-002 YO-Still want my summer-003 YO-Still want my summer-004 YO-Still want my summer-005 YO-Still want my summer-006

Shirt: H&M

Sunglasses: H&M

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