YO:In line

We went out to drink a beer and see the game Steaua-Legia Warsaw. 1-1 in the end. We didn’t really care but we like to watch football 😛 (soccer for some of you).

I have no idea where I got this dress from but decided to give it a try. Don’t know how I feel about it yet :). It’s still weird to wear skirts and flats.

More photos of him because I like his funny face ^^.

in line-003

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YO: Back home

I came back yesterday from my aunts wedding. It was just the legal stuff. Even though I only stayed a day it was awful! No toilet inside -_-. Nuff said! At least I pooped at a restaurant :D.

I won’t tell more because I respect their privacy but it’s not in Brasov.

I went out with Rares to get some ice cream and then watched Andreea Balan at the Lidl concert. I can’t stand her because she’s trying too hard. We then took a walk under Tampa and then went home.

I can’t wear this white-see through shirt with a tank top under because it’s too hot so I chose a pink bra to make the outfit fun :).

didn't expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets :)

didn’t expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets 🙂

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YO: Shining tongue

I bought yesterday the bday present for Alina and then went to eat something sweet. From now on I’ll stay with my chocolate cakes! I’m sick of trying new things and not liking them :(.

I like this H&M gold shining skirt but I don’t have when to wear it and how. I think it’s only the second time I try it. I call that thing from the front a tongue :P.

shining tongue-002

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