Adorable combination

Had this look at my cousins bday. The second oldest, 30yo.

Since I had pink hair I wanted something pink-related so I chose purple. But because I was lazy I just slapped on the color on my lid and added that cute teal, turquoise, light blue, have no idea what color it is, on my lower lid. And BAM! It changed the whole look. After that just lined the eyes with black and ready to go.

adorable combination

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YO: Brown&Camo

Check out the makeup here.

On our way to a friends house we saw an abandoned car. Rares looked at it and said to me that someone let this poor car to die. Right then an old man, probably a hobo, raised and stared at us. It was so.. unexpected. It really scared us but now it’s funny to talk about it :P.

It’s been a while since I last wore my army print/camouflage leggings. My brown bag again because I was too lazy to move all my stuff in smth else.

Not else to say.. Bye! ❤


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YO: Pause from the summer+green makeup

It was pizza day for us. We finally went where I like it the most ^^ and then went for a walk and ate ice cream. We couldn’t eat a cake like we first wanted so we had to find place in our tummies for smth smaller.

It got cold the last few days so I went back to my cappuccini jacket and blue scarf.

I have no idea if this shirt is fake but I don’t care. I like it even though it gets stained when I sweat -_-. I’ll wear it in cold days like this time. Another bad thing about this shirt is that it’s too fitted on my belly so I need to suck it in all the time. eh only until I lose some weight :P.

I don’t want to wear these jeans (or this?..) when I’m going out because they look too casual, smth I’d wear when hanging out in the neighborhood. But I shoved my feets in some small heels and made myself feel better.

I look so old and tired. I think I really need some healthy sleep. How ironic. Talking about sleep at almost 5 AM -_-

Even though our relationship showed some signs of raining and then even went through a tornade, I saw the rainbow today :). Don’t want to say too much but maybe if we’ll last I’m gonna say some backstage secrets.

pause from the summer

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