YO:Moody day

Yesterday was our 1/2 anniversary, we had our first date 6 months ago <3. We’re not celebrating every other month, just mention it but this time it’s half a year :P.

It wasn’t what I expected.. I started getting ready hours before, had my makeup, hair done, I sewed something I wanted to wear, spent half  an hour just to find some clear stockings and had my heels on. Then we talked on the phone and right after I realized he’s not coming with his car -_-. He didn’t even mention it! I had to call him back to be sure and then he acted like it’s my fault that I didn’t ask about it. DAFUQ?

During this 6 months he always said is he’s coming by car, bus or he’s walking but two days in a row he put this on me.

I had to change because I couldn’t walk so much on heels. It ruined my mood. TOM is here. That’s all I need to say. I was getting angry because of nothing. The photos didn’t came out as I wanted and we couldn’t get a dessert because everything was closed -_-. Awesome.

In the end we talked about this and today he told me he’s coming carless. At least one good thing happened :D.

I really like where our relationship reached at this moment. Not gonna make this longer, maybe write more on our real anniversary :D.

I told him ‘Don’t get that thing in the pic’ and he did this on purpose. It was funny when I saw my face 😛

YO-Moody day-001 YO-Moody day-002

Glasses: H&M

Bag: Takko

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Adidas


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