YO: Go away!

Ate a pizza yesterday with Rares to a place close to me opened last week. He didn’t liked it but I was impressed they have onion rings! It’s the first place in Brasov to see it! On the way to my house and his bus stop we saw a cat. Actually more than one but this was the only one that let me touch it.

He was so insensitive! You can see in the photos what I did to him and he was all *pokerface*. I guess he was actually thinking:

What you looking at, human? What?? What are doing? Why are you touching me? STOP IT! Go away! Fuck you! Get your dirty hands off my superior head you disrespectful stupid human being!


DSCN1064 DSCN1065 DSCN1067

What a nice pussy!

What a nice pussy!

DSCN1073 DSCN1086

Bag: Takko

Shoes: Adidas


2 thoughts on “YO: Go away!

    • Thanks. I could’ve wear something else but this is my fav pair of shoes <3.

      Just kidding :D.

      Stay around if you don't mind makeup posts&stuff like this :).

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