Rant: I hate TOM!

TOM (Time Of the Month) is coming back these hours. Think of having a constant pressure on every single part of your body and when you try to move that pressure turns into pain. That’s what I feel!

I’m a lucky case because neither my discomfort nor my flow is too bad. But I still get to complain.

I can’t understand how some girls enjoy having sex on their period. I can’t stand a tampon in the first day how about something bigger!! Yeah yeah. You can take pills and the pain will go away.


I also hate pads -_-. You can feel them no matter what you do. And you need to change them because they’ll start smelling. There are days when I can survive with only one during the day and changing it only when I go to sleep. This is what I usually do after the first day.

The only thing I’m comfortable with are daily liners. They are barely there. But I can’t wear them on my period because I’d have to use lots of them/day and am too lazy to deal with all this fuss.


The bitchy mood is what really bothers me. I have it for days, sometimes even more than a week before my period. And it’s awful! I get really annoyed because of stupid stuff when in other cases I’d be still chill.

I start crying out of nowhere and I’m extremely sensitive.

Rant over.


3 thoughts on “Rant: I hate TOM!

    • anii trecuti ma obisnuisem dar de la un timp ma loveste cand nu ma astept :)). le cam invidiez pe cele care se confrunta cu ‘problema’ asta mai tarziu

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