Do your thang!

I was looking these days on the internet at ‘Valentine’s day (inspired) makeup’. Most of the photos I found was your usual pink, purple, red, white stuff in different combinations. From natural to smoky and the other way around. It isn’t something unusual only for this occasion unless you’re not into makeup or at the beginning.

I have this problem with Christmas and the New Years. Why would you stay on the safe side when you can go all crazy and glittery, with fake lashes and everything you’re not using everyday? I don’t get it.

Why make a certain look and name it ‘Valentine’s Day Makeup’ if you could wear it everyday? Just for the views? Fuck it.¬†

This question popped because I also thought of doing one.


If you want something different but not over the top you can add a small heart at the outer corner of your eyes. This way you keep it clean but fun at the same time! And your boyfriend will notice the drawing from your face and maybe make him say something about your makeup if he is not into :P.

All your (and my) problems are solved this way! Until it’s gonna be an everyday thing for so many girls it will turn boring and we’ll have to find something else.. It’s getting hard to be.. not original or unique but out of the box. Maybe we’ll start painting big hearts on our faces.


The same goes with the day/night makeup. Yes, some would never go out at 1 PM with smoky eyes but there are also people with dark makeup that don’t see anything wrong. Like me for example. As long as you feel good why worry? This type of organizing makes it hard to find inspiration because I have times when I put on some mascara and go on a night date and also days when I’d love to rock that awesome pink/black combination.


I’m done here for now. I feel so much better for writing this.

I’m out.


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