Quick tip #2: How to use your shampoo in 5 different ways!

If you don’t like a shampoo use it in a different way!

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Make it pop-faded version

This is the first try of the Make it pop look. It was for school so I didn’t want to have something ‘in your face’. (I actually didn’t want to risk with the black).

Can’t wait for my eyebrows to be like this again <3.

DSCN0851 modified

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Do your thang!

I was looking these days on the internet at ‘Valentine’s day (inspired) makeup’. Most of the photos I found was your usual pink, purple, red, white stuff in different combinations. From natural to smoky and the other way around. It isn’t something unusual only for this occasion unless you’re not into makeup or at the beginning.

I have this problem with Christmas and the New Years. Why would you stay on the safe side when you can go all crazy and glittery, with fake lashes and everything you’re not using everyday? I don’t get it.

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