One of the things I’m never sick of is pizza :). It is so amazing that a pizza with the same ingredients tastes so different, depending on the place. Because I don’t like mushrooms, olives, onions, peppers, sea stuff and things like that I’m stuck up with the meat-related pizza. I ‘improve’ it with sauces: garlic and tomato. The most liked one in my family is the spicy tomato sauce but I like better the garlic one; I eat enough ketchup :).

Some photos:

My mom wanted a beer. I like this photo the most because it looks like she put the glass so you can see the brand :).

Even if it was cloudy I wanted a lemonade; seeing how it is written I realize: Lemon Ade (my nickname) teehee :).

It had a slice of lemon and one of orange and I by the color you can see it was a juice between these two (not just a lemonade :)).

Something like this :

The most amazing thing is that the guy gave me a pink straw(aww).

(Thank you Google for this photo)

I couldn’t take a photo of my aunts frappe because she immediately drank it. I was really amazed of how fast it was.

When the waiter brought us the two sauces (see the photo below) she told him to bring another lemonade.

Her straw was purple *evil smile*

These are the two sauces. My aunt wanted just the spicy tomato one; my mother and I (?) used both (I love the garlic one :))

My mom likes the quattro stagioni pizza :). It has olives, salami, pepper(i guess), corn, mushrooms and ham.

My aunt doesn’t eat meat 🙂 so she chose quattro formaggi.

Four types of cheese is a little too much for me :).

My pizza had four types of meat-related stuff: sausage(or what those tiny round things are), salami, bacon (or something similar) and ham. I hope I am right.

The name is Canibalis :).

I’m not sure about the ingredients. I wrote what I can see in the photos with the help of Google Translate :).

Click on the photos to enlarge :).


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