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I still can’t take pics because my phone camera sucks without natural light and I don’t have enough lamps in my house to make anything acceptable. But I’ll try to write some posts about makeup and fashion trends.

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Back to blogging

It’s been too long! So sorry I had to abandon my blog but this summer was kinda exhausting. I took my final exams, got in to med school and went up until two days ago to a croupier training. I also passed the final test and gonna get hired Monday :). I can’t wait.

Also, my camera isn’t working anymore and I will need to buy another one til I find someone to look at it. My logic: your camera broke? buy another one lol :)

I have some old photos to edit and I will post them asap but i just wanted to write something quick.

Damn I missed writing! And cam-whoring haha

Can’t wait to be┬áback for good! Stay tuned <3